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YYZ HI 1/2

YYZ HI 1/2

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2023 | A new dream, a new beginning, the ultimate test of real versus ideal. The pursuit of happiness - do we get to a point where chaos versus balance becomes relevant? A skyline that is memorable challenges the notion of whether or not there is more. Time and its position in the journey versus the destination is the key question. Life, happiness and divine timing; at what factor does time become relevant?

ORIGINAL 1/2 & A/P 3 IN 1 | 1 PANEL | 2023

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Custom LED Light Boxes are UL Certified

Made & Printed in Canada with Water Based Dyes

Each Individual Artwork Comes With a Patented Seamless Fitted Fabric, and includes an Aluminum Black Shadow Box Frame (4"Deep)

Printed Fabrics are UV Protected & Machine Washable

Energy Efficient LED Lights have a 60,000 hour Llifespan