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Artistry by Design #ABD

CAMERA | MIRROR | REFLECTION 2 sided 60" Diameter Circle

CAMERA | MIRROR | REFLECTION 2 sided 60" Diameter Circle

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A journey into time and what is truly relevant and worth pursuing. Happiness that is and what it’s really in the rawest form, purity of what happiness looks like now. In the present, real, grounded and humbled comes this mirrored image of two worlds graphed into one.

A vast ocean of movement, rhythm, and harmony. These elements are possible within our everyday lives. We crave and strive for balance within our lives and seek the clarity to know the difference of what is real and what is that of an illusion. A window into two worlds colliding into something totally new and unknown. A fresh start and a new perspective.

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Art and light combined transforms layered photography into immersive experience that invites the viewer in.

Combining both elements of art and light the illuminated installations are at the fore front of Biophilic design. It’s time that our environments reflect that of wellness.