Art and light combined transforms layered photography into an immersive experience that invites the viewer in. Combining both elements of art and light theses illuminated installations are at the fore front of Biophilic design. It’s time that our environments reflect that of wellness.

Bringing a natural source of daylight these illuminated art boxes create a 3D window inviting the outside world and it’s elements indoors. Environmentally sourced and printed with water based dyes, Canadian made these illuminated art installations brings a revolutionary element of wellness by providing a natural daylight balanced light source in our work spaces, institutions, private offices and even our homes.


The illuminated light box utilized in Sideris’ artwork brings a host of benefits in both how they are produced and to the environment of the viewer. 

* Light Box screens are made of proprietary fabrics using intense dye sublimation. 

* All fabrics are UV protected, washable, and contain water-based dyes.

* LED light panels are UL Certified and calibrated to emulate natural daylight at a temperature of 5000 Kelvins.  

* Energy efficient LED lights have a 60,000 hour lifespan.

* All Light Boxes are custom made in Canada. Each individual light box is custom sized ranging from large scale wall mounted installations to suspended applications.

* Square, rectangular, and circular shapes are available, as well as single and double sided free standing fixtures.